Sunday, October 21, 2012

Cheater no.18: Pepijn van Erp

Pepijn van Erp, skeptic activist and online chess cheater

One of many subhuman online cheaters from the Benelux area. He was banned in the August last year and became already almost forgotten, well, until last week when I stumbled upon him again.

As I have written in my profile, I love mysteries, and I had worked in science too. Despite I am not a hard-rock skeptic myself, I often read skeptic's articles to check their point of view and appreciate their humour. So I googled a bit and discovered their forum. And what a surprise when I saw our computer cheat-witch appearing there.

This self-conscience supresser, denialist, chess engine shaman, devil's contractor and believer in his lucky star cheated from the early beginning I suppose. There is no sign he even attempted to play honestly for some time. In November 2009 when he registered, he sold his soul without hesitation and decided to use his diabolic silicon totem to perform supernatural chess witchcraft until his inevitable fall into Hell, where lost souls of damned cheaters tremble, in August 2011.

Mr. Van Erp seems to have plenty of spare time to spend online:
and his personal page.
As he has got a job at Radbound Nijmegen University, this qualifies him to VIP cheaters page.

The serious issue is that cheaters shouldn't be employed at schools and universities and especially they shouldn't teach students. Also employers should be on guard if they decide to entrust funds to them.

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