Sunday, February 27, 2011

Cheater no.9: Miroslav Gazi

Miroslav Gazi, chess cheater and "correspondence chessplayer"
The overbearance and ignorance of some ICCF "players" can be really astonishing. This Slovakian guy registered at in December 2009 and as usual, he didn't bother with no-computer rule. No wonder. Numbskulls like him don't understand english or are too lazy to read. Moreover, even if he had read and understood, he would perhaps have ignored it: why to bother with such "obsolete" and "impractical" rule.

It hit him like a cold shower when he got banned in September 2010, coincidentally about the same time as Yelena Dembo. Was it unfair? Yes, his cheating behaviours were ultimately unfair. His ban was fair however and he deserved it. However thanks to his exceptional impudence, he immediately returned under new account, which was closed again in January 2011. And he deserves much more than just closed anonymous accounts of course. This page will serve as exemplary memorial for him and similar haughty idiots.

Well, Mr. Gazi, if you read this: pray to never meet me in real. I really don't like immoral cheaters like you.

His Facebook page.