Saturday, June 30, 2012

List of VIPs caught cheating

(to be updated)

OTB-chess titled players and officials
CZERWOŃSKI Aleksander aka "alekroth", IM, Poland
DEMBO Yelena, WGM and IM, Greece
DOCX Stefan, FM, Belgium
KACAKOVSKI Dimitar, FM, Macedonia
TIRARD Hugo, IM, France

Correspondence chess titled players
HORVATH Alexander, ICCF SIM, Slovakia
WEYERSTRASS Ronald, ICCF IM, Netherlands

Politicians, municipality representatives, publicly active figures
JENICEK Emil, Litvinov, Czech Republic
VAUGHAN Stan, Nevada, USA
ZAVYALOV Volodymyr aka "Vovuha", Ukraine

Scientists & University Staff
Van ERP Pepijn aka "MamboVipi", Radbound University Nijmegen, Netherlands
MIKHAILOV Stepan aka "Massaraksh", Duke University, USA (formerly Russia)
MITCHELL Glenn, Florida State University, USA
WIKSTROM Marten, University of Helsinky, Finland

Saturday, June 16, 2012

Cheater no.16: Hinda Sledziewski

Hinda Sledziewski aka Gala, online chess cheater and chess blogger
  Once upon a time I thought women are less prone to online chess cheating moral failure than men and cheating women are in fact mostly anonymous cross-gender boys. In some specific cases this might be true, had a lot of fake female cheating identities, e.g. completely forged identity Mariska-Angela (her photo comes from photosets of "Avril A", pornstar from Ukraine), fake Pauline van Nies (very likely not the real one), "retired model Kerrianne Smith, Chester, UK" (still active at Gameknot, her avatar comes from model Kristine Drinke, an ugly anorexic flat bugbear), mysterious Adora Helenoria aka Nefertity, plenty of short-lived cross-dressing recurring cheaters from Phillipines, Thailand, Brazil, Russia, Africa or Islamic countries, but in general I was proven wrong: Women tend to cheat as men, if not even more. This is the third real woman depicted here, next in line after Jasmin Nicoletta Goldmann and Yelena Dembo.

 I am going to spare readers from my usual colourful language towards cheaters this time, however I find necessary to point out: this lady is morally inferior one as all cheaters. Keep this in mind when reading her blogs and articles.