Thursday, April 28, 2011

Cheater no.11: Richard Kudla

Richard Kudla aka Richmond1906, chess arbiter and online chess cheater
This guy used to be no.1 top rated Czech Team player at, until i decided enough is enough. I analyzed his games and analysis confirmed my suspicions. I used my administrator privileges to kick him, because it is a shame when country is represented on the 1st board by cheater. I reported him straight too and to my surprise, it took only 3 days until he was banned.

The historical paradox is that he is not only known local chessplayer from Ostrava, but he is 2nd class national chess arbiter too. The whole case shows he didn't take no-computer rule seriously if he even knew it (possible influence of Czech chess site Hogan, where such rule doesn't exist, and Czech correspondence chess federation, which adopted the lazy ICCF approach and tolerates computer assistance).

Among his others online activities, he kibitzes in online chess broadcastings, he plays poker online and seeks for women to date. It seems he has plenty of spare time.

His e-mail:

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