Thursday, August 11, 2011

Cheater no.13: Alexander Horvath

Alexander Horvath, online chess cheater
In the recent wave of bannings, this guy from Slovakia had to go. It was no surprise for me, because I analyzed him and already knew he cheated like crazy: From 18 games, Top3 424/452, 5.21 sd above expected value. I reported him, put him on the Blacklist, blocked him at and waited. And waited, and waited, and waited... until 3rd August, when Big Ban came and about 700 cheaters had to go.

From the large mass of recently banned cheating idiots, this dude is exceptional in three things:
- this computer monkey brags about holding ICCF Senior International Master "title", however he never adds when he achieved it, current ICCF players really aren't successors of the ancient pre-computer ones
- he started to organize a riot against, he claims he was falsely accused, banned and lost money for his premium membership
- he was impudent enough to come back with new accounts and argue in the forums.

What is the conclusion? He is caught cheater, liar, braggart and windbag. It is a big shame for ICCF and The Correspondence Chess Association of the Slovak Republic to have such members.

Edit 11/21/2015:
This cheater died in August 2013.

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