Saturday, June 16, 2012

Cheater no.16: Hinda Sledziewski

Hinda Sledziewski aka Gala, online chess cheater and chess blogger
  Once upon a time I thought women are less prone to online chess cheating moral failure than men and cheating women are in fact mostly anonymous cross-gender boys. In some specific cases this might be true, had a lot of fake female cheating identities, e.g. completely forged identity Mariska-Angela (her photo comes from photosets of "Avril A", pornstar from Ukraine), fake Pauline van Nies (very likely not the real one), "retired model Kerrianne Smith, Chester, UK" (still active at Gameknot, her avatar comes from model Kristine Drinke, an ugly anorexic flat bugbear), mysterious Adora Helenoria aka Nefertity, plenty of short-lived cross-dressing recurring cheaters from Phillipines, Thailand, Brazil, Russia, Africa or Islamic countries, but in general I was proven wrong: Women tend to cheat as men, if not even more. This is the third real woman depicted here, next in line after Jasmin Nicoletta Goldmann and Yelena Dembo.

 I am going to spare readers from my usual colourful language towards cheaters this time, however I find necessary to point out: this lady is morally inferior one as all cheaters. Keep this in mind when reading her blogs and articles.


  1. Here we are with the apparently sexually deprived blogger hitting on yet another victim....moral inferiority... my ass

  2. Unfortunately, I am not trained psychoanalyst, I can't confirm your opinion whether Hinda S. is "sexually deprived blogger" or not. Sorry. But I can definitely confirm she is an online chess cheater.

  3. And BTW, assuming it was meant opposite, implying that these "poor" people are victims of haughty deprived blogger is completely false and against the rules of posting here. I don't regard cheaters as full humans, I regard them as convinced immorals, people with their moral principles absent or at least severely damaged by the "rationalization" they underwent. Online chess cheaters have to realize the act of cheating in chess is huge offence and not little mischief. And to make it clear: positivity in Top3 is regarded as definitive proof with no appeal against it.

  4. Get off my back. Stop harrasing me and making comments on my site with fake e-mail address. You are nobody and I am not going to waste my time for you. Hinda Sledziewski

  5. To be clear: I do not care about your blog. It's yours and do what you want. But stop coming to me and persecute me. I hope you will publish this comment too.
    Hinda Sledziewski