Friday, September 14, 2012

Entertaining or infuriating?

This week I came across stored internet forum conversation between two notorious cheaters. The original matter of conversation was the collapse of Slovakian chess server Paying members felt quite deceived and they discussed how to deal with the unpleasant situation after former owner went bankrupt. The case of some dubious chess site (where cheating perhaps wasn't even regulated) isn't interesting at all, but some former customers registered at What is interesting and disturbing (and also entertaining or infuriating, it depends), it is the disrespectful approach of these subhumans towards chess and their opponents. Many of them are just used to run their engines without an opponent's knowledge and consent, thinking wrongly it goes without saying that everyone is doing it. No, it is just opposite, it goes without saying that everyone shall decide their moves themselves without the help of other players (chess engines and playing programs are indeed players). ICCF's internal habits are just reprehensible. Well, these people are used to cheat and they notoriously fail to realize they make offense to real, much better chess players.

Cheaters participating in this discussion were:

A. Zbynek Sevcik, nickname sevcazbynek, TAXI provider from Trebic, class D chess player (talentless little kids & infirm codgers level, just slightly above total beginners level). It was me who reported him when I saw discrepancies between his almost non-existent OTB credentials and his suspect results in turn-based correspondence-tempo online chess. He was banned the next day after my report, such thing used to be quite unusual then, so his case had been extremely blatant I guess. His photo you can see here.

B. Already known our Cheater no.9 Miroslav Gazi (migazi) who was banned twice (!!), the second time after an insolent attempt to come back and resume cheating with new account. Aside from ICCF, Miroslav Gazi has no chess credentials whatsoever and he is complete nonentity in chess.

Aside from these cheaters, several other persons participated including the forum administrator.

The discussion went fluently in both Slovakian and Czech languages. The language barrier is small, Czech and Slovakian people understand each other usually without problems, the difference between our languages isn't much bigger than e.g. between UK and US English. I have decided to translate and comment the crucial parts of their discussion.

I. 02/02/2010 11:34  migazi quoted sevcazbynek from another forum:
"Migazi, during the time it does not work, lost at least 70% of their customers, I would hesitate to return to "an only European" chess. On you are playing with the whole world, there are top players with rating 2900 and when running online translator you can translate everything from English into Czech, let some go bankrupt and the owner deserves to end under the bridge totally in debts for the fraud he deceived all of us, this is what he deserves, those would nobody buy for a single euro."
Comment: We can see, cheater Sevcik promotes as good chess site. How good and serious it can be, it became clear to him very soon. He didn't know he had been already reported!

II. 02/03/2010 15:26 (the next day) sevcazbynek wrote:
"migazi, I changed my mind again and I hope that will be put into operation, because today they canceled my account on because of cheating, allegedly it is prohibited on to use the pc for analysis, but it is clear that against the weaker players the pc analysis is not used while against the stronger players is, and this is what almost everyone does and I think that even on, but unfortunately they do not want to talk with me so when they do not want high-quality players and cancel their accounts then I have quit there and I have to find another server again, so i would return to before i find another server and settle there."
Comment: Sevcazbynek was just banned for cheating, because he was too lazy to read and obey the rules. He couldn't figure out why it happenned just to him when "everybody was doing it". His mind was deformed by improper habits from dubious chess online servers like or HoganAlso he regarded himself as high-quality player, which was just ridiculous, because he was just poor cheating class D player.

III. 02/03/2010 16:06 migazi answered:
"sevcazbynek, the practice of against you is hard to understand, because you cannot be really successful today against the stronger opponents on such sites without computer analysis. I got the impression that their primary objective is to have the strongest players from around the world, but this procedure is not in accordance with this. Couldn't anyone have personal reasons against you? How do they actually prove it? And how can they exclude you? You can open another account."
Comment: The idiot migazi failed to realize what does the term "strong chess player" really mean. Unfortunately, it is not the computer monkey like him or sevcazbynek. He was also unaware anti-computer detection methods had been already developed and the anti-computer rule was meant seriously. And he recommended just to ignore the lifetime ban from serious correspondence chess and sneak back with new account, a thing he has done himself later.

IV. 02/03/2010 16:07 admin quoted
No Cheating or Computer Help
You can NEVER use chess programs (Chessmaster, Fritz, etc) to analyze current ongoing games unless specifically permitted (such as a computer tournament, etc). The only type of computer assistance allowed is games databases for opening lines in Turn-based Chess and Vote Chess. You cannot receive ANY outside assistance on Live Chess games
and added:
"It seems that this is indeed prohibited, but although I have played there for some time, even before went down, I didn't know about such restrictions. On the other hand, I do not believe that it is possible to detect innocent occasional use - e.g. 3 times per game. I don't mind, I do not use the engine in principle, sometimes database, but maybe in 1-2 in 10 games. But what I do often I copy a position into ChessBase (I copy FEN, run ChessBase and press the sequence S-S-O) and I analyze the position by moving variations on the board, but it is not prohibited."
During the following minutes, the conversation between migazi and admin went on:
migazi: "On the other hand, they offer computer analysis themselves in the menu, even extended for paying members."
admin: "It doesn't mean we may use it. I think this apply rather for completed games, but I am not sure, because I have never tried to use it. Basic member can use it once per week I think."
Comment: The much smarter admin got it straight even without reading site rules and showed perfect sense for online chess fair play, while the dumbass migazi couldn't understand and felt surprised that no-computer rule can seriously exist.

V. Next day, 02/04/2010 14:21 sevcazbynek complained:
"Without any reason, I wanted to log in and I received this:
Member Account Closed
Sorry! This member's account has been closed.
If you feel this was an error, please click here.

and when I started looking why I got the referrence to some pages:

please see this page: ... n-cheating.
I play chess for many years and
I use analysis on PC for learning new moves especially in difficult positions, so I got the rating 2250 and I was without a defeat, but players with more elo and without a loss were playing against me, they even outplayed me a little in some positions so they "definitely did not use the pc :-)", it's sad, I live with chess, I devote several hours into it every day, I store the strongest moves (by the way, for three years i have stored over 10000 best moves leading to win or draw, I lost only about 2x thanks to it, but I do not use that program stupidly, I research some positions for hours in different variations and select the best etc. ........."
Comment: Cheater sevcazbynek felt hurt (he wrote with spelling mistakes), because he didn't realize the damage he had caused to and the online chess as a whole. Like migazi, he couldn't understand the existence and importance of the no-computer rule. He underwent dirty rationalization and put himself into role of poor fellow. He was right that cheating was widespread back then, but he added into it a lot. Spoiled habits of others really can't be used for own rationalization and I don't accept such excuses.

VI. 02/05/2010 speculations began:
9:13 migazi: "sevcazbynek, haven't you incidentally won there with some vain Yankee, who couldn't stand it? They are quite prone to this."
17:06 sevcazbynek: "Yes, it crossed my mind, one American I've played with him two games and when he started losing, he suddenly quit both games. A few days later my account was canceled, it could be this. Therefore, I would be grateful for our European server, the U.S. is probably only for Americans. ... [text shortened - sevcazbynek considers the acquisition of chess server and its conditions] ... if you have the time and the mood you can forward me some info on my email. My email is"
18:23 admin: "About the Americans, I don't think it is so. I lived a year in the U.S. and it is just opposite, they take sports and chess just for fun and they don't mind if they win. They take it rather like a hobby with a passion which unites them."
Comment: Not some "vain Yankee" but me. Not because I can't stand losing, but because I hate cheaters. And it is nice sevcazbynek gave us his email adress.

Additional notes:

Half year later, the idiot cheater migazi was banned too. Unlike sevcazbynek, he couldn't make even poor excuses he wasn't aware of the's no-computer rule - the discussion above convicts him he was and chose to continue cheating deliberately. Moreover, he ignored the ban and sneaked back with new account to be banned again. It cannot be called ignorance anymore, it is just pure assholism.

These two examples are nothing exceptional. Pavel Sladovnik, Nefertity, Alexander Horvath, Alena Lukasova, Ivan Cipka - just to name a few examples. They became addicted to engines at some dubious unregulated chess sites like Hogan, or and they lost all their correspondence chess skills if they ever had any. When they appeared at, they were all completely spoiled.

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  1. although i don't give a damn about those cheaters... but i just don't understand the way they think. is only for Americans? lol

    after being banned they still don't realize any chess site can detect multitasking player during live chess (especially when you leave live chess page when its your turn to move).

    i mean... they are adult men. they should have critical thinking why they were caught. at least think of "detection software" or something.