Friday, August 20, 2010

Cheater no.3: Jasmin Nicoletta Goldmann

Jasmin is typical example of Homo internetus. She is online all the time: she talks on Twitter, she has her Facebook page, she maintains her blog, listens music and she also pursues shopping online.

Whether she ever played chess, it is not possible to determine. Perhaps yes, because she knows chess notation, but for sure it wasn't at any suitable level, because all databases of players have no match about her. Even chess club in Marburg (her own town) contains no match.

When you take a closer look at her online shopping, you find that she ordered Fritz & Fertig in 2006. What is it? It is a chess mentor containing lessons for kids and beginners. It contains also Fritz, strong chess engine, to perform rigorous analysis. Deuce, why she needed it? Was her intent to learn to play chess and then play online?

Three years later... In the autumn of 2009, all of sudden, Jasmin appeared as chess prodigy on Schacharena. Soon afterwards, she created an account at She managed to distract several naive honest chessplayers on both sites. They might think she is a master! Such clever cutie simply cannot be cheater, they thought perhaps. The miracle ended quickly: not everyone is that naive. She got banned for cheating with chess software from both sites within relative short time.

It had some consequences. Polar_Bear insistently continued to write notes at her blog mentioning her unfair behaviour and she insistently kept deleting it. Finally, she has taken her messenger out.


  1. Her behavior in chess is disgraceful. That being said, I'd bang her like crazy.

  2. Any relation between this cheater and this member.

  3. It looks like her illegal new account.

  4. LOL Anonymous, this is a guy's account for sure. Probably getting back at his ex, lol.