Monday, August 30, 2010

Cheater no.4: Dimitar Kacakovski

Dimitar Kacakovski

I always wonder what can make renowned titled player join The Dark Side and demote himself through all levels from respectable chess master to despicable chess cheater. It happens sometimes however, and it already happened to Mr. Kacakovski from Macedonia. He created an account with nickname Atlantischess back in 2008. I won't investigate whether he cheated from the early beginning, but his cheating was confirmed in games played year later beyond any reasonable doubt by several independent analysts using various methods. His stupidity and laziness were just astonishing: he simply let Rybka 3 play his games, not bothering to produce own "centaur" ideas or mask engine play somehow.

I understand that online chess is spoiled by cheaters heavily and it is depressing for serious chessplayers. But solution definitely is not join The Dark Side himself, what is exactly this weak-minded lazy guy had made. Having thought he could never get caught, he degenerated himself into total garbage.

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