Thursday, September 30, 2010

Cheater no.7: Emil Jenicek

Emil Jenicek

This blackguard is known as member of doubtful political party called ODS in the northern Czech city of Litvinov. Because i don't live there, i cannot give you detailed informations about his goings-on, but he is:

- executive head of TransControl group, quite fishy trading company without clear article, perhaps also interested in connection between municipality and shadow gangland via corruption

- member od ODS (Obcanska Demokraticka Strana -> Civilian Democratic Party), a doubtful party sponsored by shadow enterprisers and venal companies

- member and co-founder of civil society called Koreny (The Roots)

He used to be chessplayer with the strength of national Candidate Master, that means he was better than Sladovnik. His online chess activities are unknown until 1st September 2008, when he joined under nickname ManuChena. What a surprise, this asshole decided to ignore the rule about computers and became cheater. Because he didn't play so frequently, it took whole year and half (!) when they finally banned him in February 2010.

Contact: Emil Jenicek,
Vrchlickeho 862, 435 11 Lom,
his phone number: (+420) 608 555 828
company phone number: (+420) 476 767 167

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