Thursday, September 2, 2010

Cheater no.5: Ramachandran Nambissan

Computer monkey and "astrologer"

Human's mind has its evolution as a person ages. A man slowly loses the ability to understand and remember new things, life gets into calm, repetitious lines and grey-beard enjoys a love inside his family. In ancient ages, when magical thinking was common and technical progress wasn't so fast, aged people were appreciated for their wisdom. Today the situation is different. Yesterday's pioneers can easily become useless narrow minds today even in their own professional domains. Knowledge and wisdom of olds have become obsolete, their way of thinking is considered incompetent. The pressure always evokes counterpressure however and people of all ages are searching alternative fields to fulfil themselves.

This booby from India is no exception. He used to be renowned computer scientist. He has written several publications about computer programming and applications. As the time advanced and he retired, his interests shifted towards Vedic Astrology and online chess. There is some relationship: astrologers calculate destiny from positions of celestial bodies, the modern ones even use computers, cheaters use computers to calculate moves from position of chess pieces. We don't know how succesful Mr. Nambissan became with his quackeries, but as online chess cheater he was succesful, because it took some time before he finally received ban from The astonishing reality is that he is still active player at GameKnot.


  1. YOu didn't mention his GK description:

    "Retired Computer Professional. Can communicate in English with other players. Am a Professional Vedic Astrologer too. Though I do not use one, I do not mind playing with opponents who take the help of chess engines since I am here to play tough games and any amount of tough opposition is always welcome. I do not consider chess engines can beat the human brain as many think. My friends say that I am a King Cobra when it comes to playing chess."

  2. This is one of the most blatant discriminating texts I have recently read against age! I hope it remains 30 years from now when Martin Zeman joins the "club of the old".